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Do you want to be in the top ranking of gameleague? follow some tips i'll giveyou. :)

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First of all I want to tell you that i'm not the better player of the league. This page is open to all the world of ctp2 and to everyone in the net.
Its one more web page of one fan of ctp/civilizations games. Want to play me? im free every staturday at 23:30 gmt+1. sendem one email. :)

The first time I have saved that position in ranking was in CTP1 the 9-15-2000. The rankin was:

  1. H ........................2096
  2. Solveig Tismer ..2029 .... I took his place in that day :)
  3. Josip Broz Tito ..1973 ....He was first at ranking too. Thanks to him we have one aplication to know ur points in one game. Click here.
  4. kostas .................1897 ... He toke first place before than me at ctp2 ranking.

Please, please, please correct my bad english, email me.

I have been top ranking a lot of times in gameleague.megaultra.com.

But that is not meaning that I am the best player of ctp of the world. LOL

Ofcouse not. hehe

In fact i think that Aristodemo has better strategy and Yoda has better logistics. And i have learned from a lot of u :)

But i can kill u all in one game. :) Its a challerger guys... specially for the top players. Are you afraid of me? If u want to play me sendme one email to make one schedule. I use to play saturdays at 23:30 gmt +1.

If u are not top player, dont worry askme some tips. :) the only think i want from u is ur promise, dont use cheats. And dont proboque bad feelins. We are here to get fun. And the better u become is the more fun we all get.

I want to expres this: I am really disapointed with Activision. ~~ ~~ ~

    I will not buy any other software from activision until they solve the very bad job done, with at least one patch.
    If u are going to buy any program stop until u are really sure its saved of bugs. Like i see Activision use to sell programs with too much bugs.
    In fact they give some patchs but u have still some bugs there.

    More info about the bug. and in my article

    I wrote that time ago...

    I don't think the same now. The time and the new backup system made me to remember that usualy the games aren't save of cheaters. Any cracker can breack the game. I think its a good game, better of ctp1 that had problems like too much power for some units like SOL. Its not better in buildings but at the end u can have more fun sending unist to attack.

    Its a game for friends and cheaters can always break all games. (Maybe its not so eassy but its possible.)

The bug pool
Does de bug makes ctp2 unplayable?

Yes, at all. I left the game.
I left leage, only play for fun
yes, it's a big problem, it must be solved.
I dont like it but i still try to play
I play normaly, no problem here.
it's a trick not a bug, but i dont like it.
it's a usefull trick, i like it.
Have u ever seen one elephant here?

Current Results

Partial solution for the bug

Now we can have all turns saved. you just need this file: nameloop.zip. (Good job Secret_Doom, thanks; his page:secretdoom.hpg.com.br)

This file is usefull to make one backup for all autosaves of all players. U will never loose one important turn, no more.

Take the files from the zip. Maybe with the winzip.

Procedure to use the savesbackup system:

  1. Start a multiplayer game.
  2. It's more eassy if you don't use timelimit. Like this you will start the backup sistems without strees :)

  3. Press Alt- tab

    Be carefull, You have only few seconds. You must to return quick or you will loose the connection to the lobby.

  1. Look for the new directory (created by the autosave).
  2. Usually there is only one "AUTOSAVE-name" there. I use to select the spanish. I use to put the name of my leader with some letters to remember this game and my enemy. For exemple: if I play with Mazaika I put Maz4 for the name. Like this the directory is eassy to find: ".......\mp\maz4"

  3. Put the file nameloop.bat there, in that directory.
  4. Make the nameloop.bat run (doble clik).
  5. Give the name "xxxxx" from "AUTOSAVE-Xxxxxx" (without " ).
  6. It's the name that you are asked for. It use to be the same name of your directory. And it'e name of the leader of your civilization. Be carefull, don't start diferent games with same name becouse the CTP can rename it.

  7. Select the directory where you want all the files saved.
  8. Something like "..\maz4" will be usefull to check if it is runing well during the game. But you can select this too: "c:\savedfiles\mazaikaglgame"

  9. Continue your game :)

{Maybe you will need some ATL+Tab to have time to start it. The time will give you experience using it.}


Apolyton is working in they onw version of civ, it seems to be very realistic. http://clash.apolyton.net/frame/index.shtml

I have won the spanish campionship of CTP2. :))

There is one mod to make it run better. Biger maps allower, more fair starting positions... go to apolyton site.

I have add here 2 quick games videos betwen me and Paul. I won that games :)


Some links to web pages abaut ctp:

From spanish mail group: we are like 22 players there (maybe 10 actives and 6 very actives): http://grupoctp.cjb.net/

The Shining Path:http://hometown.aol.com/drmwvr987/myhomepage/index.html u will like this site. Beautifull images :)) Fuzzy is trying to solve the bug.

apolyton site: http://www.apolyton.com/ or http://civilization.gamestats.com/ (Realy good site.)

Donwloads: http://members.aol.com/wvrs4/ctp2/ctp2dl.htm

One german site: http://guehmann.bei.t-online.de/deutschd.htm

One other (very good): http://www.solarisproject.de/index.php?previews

One civilization new for a lot of players is in : http://e-civ.univer.kharkov.ua/eng/

The Guardians web page: www.guardiansclan.de Clan for Civ3, Ctp2, Moo3 and much more games! Forums, Downloads, Hints, Ladders, Shop, Tournaments.

Do u know any other? email me.


One more thing: i have played Freeciv laterly. 5 hours, 3 players and not one resincro in one pentium200.

I liked it. Freeciv is like civilization but for the linux.

There we go, lets talk abaut Tips.

Quick tips:

  1. Read the art of war from sun tzu. Not always useful in ctp and i don't like it too much but its good for logistics.
  2. Comerce is victory. In fact thats the key to ctp1 and ctp2.
  3. Ask good players his strategy and see saved files to know it (after the game)
  4. Build a lot of cities in big maps (see of your governament max, and change it to increment number.)
  5. Build a lot of units and no buildings in litle maps.
  6. Setle the cities in good place, in the rivers if possible and/or near to sea (the sea is the best place for resources).
  7. Please, please, please EXPLORE!
  8. Try to hold the good land for you. Tell to your enemy "This is my land, get out or I'll attack u."
  9. Ratings: Minimun eat, max production are the important setings. The science will come after.
  10. Don't attack if u dont win any advantage.

    Advantages possibles:

    • To take and dispand some cities.
    • To make much more looses in your enemy. (this is not allwais usefull.)
    • To make your enemy ocupied in defense.
    • To know your enemy (strategy, land, units...)
Activision software under suspect
Will you buy any other software from activision?

Yes, if they make the patch
Yep, that's not a big problem
Can i buy one elephant here?

Current Results

Note abaut frases from others: "this is exact", 'this is more or less exact' :)

Slow tips: (maybe only usefull for you to know me... go to my home page to know me more)

1- Teach other players and share your ideas. U will learn a lot while u teach.

"To teach is to learn" Japanish proverb.

2- Practice. U need to test more than one time any idea to become good using it.

' If you want to learn anything u must to make it part of your self ' Siddhartha Gautama (Budah)

'The glory is not never fall but is to get up everytime you fall' Kung fu tse (Confuncio )

3- Don't led ur enemy know your strength or your weakness because information is one of the key of war.

'war is deceit' Muhammad ibn Abdullah (Mahomet, Prophet of Islam)

A lot of years before Sun tzu in The art of war:

"All the art of war is based on the imposture. Then if you are able, pretend incapacity, if you are active pretend inactivity. If you are close pretend to be far, if you are far pretend to be close."

Ofcouse i am not meaning that u can tell to your enemy that u have X powerfull units or tecnologies to make him to stop the game and surrender. I think thats not fair in one game. That's cheating for me.

4- Be skeptical about all information and more about your own point of view. Is really hard to be sceptical if something seems important and you aren't making carefull. Remember what happened with kepler and the 8 minutes of arc.

What?? don't you know it? Go quick to see the cosmos TV serie from Carl Sagan.
Hmmm. I see, It's not eassy to find it for you...
Ok, i'll try to explain it to you. :)

Kepler had one theory about the universe. He thought that the orbits of planets could be descripted using perfect geometrical forms. If that was probed it would be the great new of the milenium. That probed for him the very existance of God like the perferct builder of the universe.
But when he had the good dates to make precision calculs he found one litle error. That calculs needed 8 min of the arc mistake. All of us know what meand 90º, one degree is 60 minutes of arc. Then u can imagine that 8 min of arc is really litle mistake.
And he's answer to that mistake changed the astronomy and make one big jup to science. He thought that he could not ignore that mistake and tryed new descriptions for orbits. He found the elitical orbits of every planet and discovered 3 laws of the universe. He thought there musted to be one force moving the planets and Newton dicovered it later.

The key for me here is that there is more inportance in True than in our point of view and is sometimes hard to change your mind. Be carefull with that mistake, follow Keples example. :)

5- Don't use the Talion law, It's not efficient. If you and your enemy loose 1000 units and nothing changed, then your strategy must be improved.

'eye by eye and all we will finish blind' Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi) [Saw in one film, but still not confirmed. I dont worri if it came from Gandhi, its still true.]

6- Don't hold your opinon on few facts. Everybody likes to decide quick with not too much information, it makes to feel like we are clever.

Some times we make bad opinion abaut one person with not enogh proves.

I have been informed abaut some players that they think i make cheats , some of they think that can be seen in the graphs of the game. (Ofcouse they don't have probes.) It's false, my rankings can grow more maybe because my way to find resources is more eficient and it can grow at the midle of the game becouse in that moment my pop is better placed. And there are more possibilities.

The better way to prove your inocence is to open saved files. I will send all my saved files of any game in doubt ant the exact moment you askme. If i am not in one game ofcouse. All the files can't be manipulated to make thinks apear possible without a big work and it's impossible to make it perfect.

Some times we discart one strategy or tactical that is good.

There is a fact that sometimes the probes seems diferent if you see it quick or slow. In spanish we say "Las aparencias engañan." Then be carefull with your judgment becouse your strategy deppends on it.

'The false facts are hightly damaging to the progress of science, since often they survive long time; but the false points of view,if they are endorsed by any evidence, make few damage, since everybody delights demonstrating its falsehood. ' maybe the most famous afirmation of Darwin in the 'the origen of the man' I took it from the book "Hen's of teeth and horses toes" of Stephen Jay Gould.


7- If you are one learner/disciple, you must to help your teacher/master. He is learning at the same time he teaches you. You must to follow his or her instructions and give him the feedback information. You must to askhim any doubt you find and make him to know any problem that you have. Make good critics if you can. (Ofcouse, be kind, it helps to learn.)

'Two persons never learn: The one that don't ask becouse of bashfullness and the one that don't ask becouse of pride.' Muhammad ibn Abdullah (Mahomet, Prophet of Islam)

'What is intended to awake is not the desire of believing, but the desire of finding, that it is exactly the opposite.' Bertran Rusell

"Ubi dubitum ibi libertas"= 'were dubts are there is liberty' latin proverb.

And why not to talk about dogmas?

'I do not fell obligated to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intelect has intended us to forego their use.' Galileo Galilei.

In fact that was the reason that make me to left religion. I am preaty sure about this: "if Galileo or Kepler knew the modern works on astronomy, genetics, history (and religion history), evolution, and arqueology they would become atheists." Why? becouse he wanted to know the true more than to confirm their opinions or their religions.

Some steps about the patched and unpatched versions

I have instaled 2 versions: patched and unpatched. The system is:

  1. Install the cd.
  2. Rename the directory of ctp
  3. Install one more time the cd but using one other directory.
  4. Use the patch
  5. Rename the directory of step 2 to the correct name.

And if u want

6. make acces direct copies of the ctp files and put were u want.

Standars of games:

There are some rules that some playes and me like to use in some games:

Ofcouse on one of u are forced to use this rules, they aren't perfect rules. And some time its needed to be used trying to play well and not to find holes in the rules. :)).

Standars of setings:(It's only one proposition :)

Gigbigislands map:

The map is: 2,2,2,2,2,2 in setings. Gig map. No nukes, no diplomatics (if more than 2 players). 9 Setters (to make it more quick). and 2000 of gold to buy one unit at start.

This setings use to give litle continents to put 10 cities or more. But in my experience the host takes 20% of beter maps and non hosts takes 10% of better maps. But the key here is that if u are far away enogh it means your litle diference can be improved with better plaing and time. Thats why i like this setings.

Gigislands map:

Same that before but 2,2,2,2,8(not homogen map),2

This give u a lot of litle continents usualy connected. It usualy gives no diference in maps and prebends the restarting problem. It will not put u in one big contient all desert. But u cant find one very good land never. :) The key here is that ur enemy cant find it neither.

Its very fair setings i think. But nothing tellyou that ur enemy will not find 4 inportant tecs in ruins and win u eassy.

In the Gigislands map you are far away from your enemy. That gives you time to build the max of cities possible. Go quick to imporve your govern and then build max cities one more time. While explore and build PW or academy or wonders. (Maybe granary, maybe not)

Quicksmall map:

2,2,10 no water,10 all plane land,2,2 small map, 7 setlers, no diplomatics, 2000 in gold. If restats are possible this is the best for a quick game. For 1 or 2 hours. If your enemy is good then maybe 4 hours.

Build only units :) no other think. And go to archery first and then fantax. This is a strategical game. Explore until you have enogh units then attack.


In all maps the good attack is were your enemy is not defended, don't attack were your enemy is waiting you. ('If he is warned he is armed' Cervantes) If your enemy have 1 Big island with his capitol in, and 2 litle ones with 2 or 3 cities. Attack the litle islands, usualy he dont put strong defense far away his important island. But dont attak if you will not hold the counter attack. Only if u can make damage disvanding his cities.


Players that teached me something. Thanks to all :)

I list all here to show you that u can learn if u ask a lot of questions to thouse kind of enemies that seems to be imposible to win.


I have made the design of the MURCIA 2001 reunion of aficionates to civilization strategic games. See it here,

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