Do you want to become a Muslim? Fine, but please read this first.

When you face such an important decision in your life, it is important that you check and consider several sources since all of them can be somehow biased. This is the point of view of somebody who was a Muslim for five years.

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Before giving you the address of the Web page in which I tell about my experience, I must tell you that it is not my intention to persuade you not to enter Islam. I am almost sure that it will be an unforgettable experience and that they will treat you very nicely, at least that was my experience. My intention is to provide you with some additional information so that you can make your decision within a wider perspective.

There is only one true Islam, the one who taught Muhammad ibn Abdullah. However, be careful since there are many sects within Islam. If you want to join the true and real Islam, follow the Koran and the prophets sunna (teachings and experiences taken from his own life) gathered in the hadith books (sayings and samples of the prophet and his followers). If they come to you with Vidaa (innovation) in order to praise or follow any other special person apart from Muhammad, you must know that that is not Islam but a sad deviation. Be very careful!

The truth is that they treated me very nicely and loved me very much. It was very hard for me to leave it once I realized that it was not everything true.

What is wrong with it? Well the answer is simple but difficult to accept for many Muslim people. How can be wrong something which comes straight from God? We have many evidences which prove it to be true. It is clearly a great blessing for us. I am not going to listen to you. And here ends the inner and objective thinking of some people.

I hope you do not have the sectarian tendency to refuse any information which is different from yours. I suggest you study these issues throughly, listening to everybody and giving them a bit of your time so that then, you can decide for yourself whatever suits you better. Do not spend 95% of your time listening to those who talk to you about Islam and who have some kind of personal relationship with you and the the other 5% listening to those who speak against it (sometimes badly informed and not connected to you). Do not do that, things must be done properly. Then, if you decide to join, great, enjoy it; but be sure that your decision is based on solid grounds.

I will not give you all the details and evidences which I found or searched for. I just want to share with you some of my experiences and give you some grounds from which you can begin to think and look for answer yourself.

Then, if you want to know more about my experience, the Web page I am telling you about is here.

If finally you decide to join Islam, be careful and follow the true one and if you want to fully experience and enjoy it, try to keep in mind as much as you can the idea that Allah is watching you. It is a very especial feeling.


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Please, ledme to remind you one idea:
There is not one good reason for the "racial" hate or to cut the comunication betwing you and the ones how think diferent.